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Meet the GOFLEX team at the InnoGrid2020+

GOFLEX joins the project exhibition at the InnoGrid2020+. Meet us to find out more on our project and become a member of the GOFLEX Community.

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New York''s energy vision by Alexander von Jagwitz on 23.06.2017 16:38:10
well-made website about how they reform their energy vision... not very much aligned with Trump :)

Check out the H2020 project ELSA by Janina Schneiker on 22.06.2017 17:37:50
Interested in other projects working on energy flexibility? ELSA develops an innovative energy storage system using second life electric vehicle batteries.

InnoGrid 2020+ (26-27 June) by Janina Schneiker on 22.06.2017 17:29:00
Looking forward to the InnoGrid 2020+ next week. The B.A.U.M. team will be there with a GoFlex booth. Meet us there!

Blogvoices on energy flexibility

Our first blog entry is coming soon.
If you are interested in writing a blog entry for the GOFLEX community, please contact us: info@goflex-community.eu

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