GOFLEX Trial SWW WunsiedelFor 100% renewable and regional energy

The Wunsiedel area together with its main utility company SWW Wunsiedel GmbH have set themselves the joint goal of fully meeting the energy needs of both residential and commercial customers with 100% renewable and regionally produced energy.

Wunsiedel belongs to the Upper Franconian district in northeast Bavaria, Germany. For years, SWW and its subordinated service companies have been focusing on the consistent production, use and expansion of renewable energy and sustainable technologies. SWW supplies about 20,000 people in the region with electricity, heat, water, gas, and communication services.

For the future, the city of Wunsiedel and the SWW envision a decentralised energy system with energy self-sufficiency for the region as well as a decoupling from the national and international energy market. For this future energy system to become a reality, new business models using e.g. dynamic pricing schemes are needed in order to motivate prosumers and flexible consumers to make their flexibilities available to the SWW. By making these existing energy flexibilities usable, SWW aims a reducing the costs arising from inaccurate forecasts or energy generation and consumption as well as the investments needed to upgrade the distribution grid.

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